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The one I have is the Schwinn Deluxe 7..

Modifications include -

800cc metal luggage locker frame mounted (metal biscuit tin and ingenuity)
U type rear wheel stand
Holox GPS with Nokia E70 head unit (includes MP3 player)
110db bike alarm

The quality isnt that brilliant to be honest but its not caused me any problems and is pretty much unique in my area

My advice on getting a GEBE kit is work out what speed you want and get the relevant engine... mine is the 32cc 2-stroke and tops out on the flat at about 28mph - the schwinn frame is quite heavy.

You can 2WD a bike by buying two kits and mounting them front and rear although thats a little insane lol...

If you do choose the GEBE kit reinforce the spokes using cable ties at the places where the spokes cross - it will help with strength and durability..

I wish you luck getting your wife addicted to Buzzing

incidentally - do a search on 'nacc buzzing' you both might find it interesting re the history and lineage of these machines..

Jemma xx
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