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Default re: Pittsburgh Stolen Schwinn Collegiate (recovered!) - Help from Pee-wee Herman

Originally Posted by Tacomancini View Post

So last night, the guy was at a local bar called New Amsterdam in my neighborhood. Some friends of mine spotted the bike, and called the cops at 1 am. The cops came, didn't call it in and let the guy go. My friends told the cops that the bike was reported stolen, I called the station, and they confirmed that the cops didn't check on it.

So close.
If you didn't live so far from me...well, there's stuff I'd better not go into detail about. But hypothetically speaking, If I were close at hand, odds are good you'd be riding by now.
By All That's Holy: the bike's reported stolen, the cops catch the perp, and they let him go. AND (if I read this right) you STILL didn't get your bike back?!?!? Oh man, somebody should catch it for that mistake.

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