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Default Re: Snapped Rear Mounting Studs (3rd time!)

Originally Posted by mapbike View Post
Go and buy you a 1/4 - 20TPI Bottoming Tap and a stick of 1/4"X20 all Thread rod or just get some grade #5 or #8 Bolts that are the correct length and run the 1/4"-20 Tap into the existing 6mm holes after putting some thin oil like 3 in one oil or something simular so that the tap will not seize while retapping the hole out from the 6mm to the 1/4, just remember to run it in (the tap) 2-3 threads in depth at a time and then back out and then back in again repeating this proccess until the tap bottoms out in the hole, unscrew tap out of hole and then spray the hole out with either brake cleaner or carb. cleaner to get the alum. shavings out and then you are ready for your new 1/4" studs or bolt which ever you choose. very simple proccess use a small cresent wrench to turn tap if you dont have a tap wrench and make sure it is running straight into the hole.
I have the short cut to this thread bike ,, in case im online ,,, i will paste it on my reply to the next person ,, snaped studs ,,, happens an lot !!! and i have learned ... do not use stainless steel too .... thanks ,,, P.S I wanted to send my motor back after the stud broke .... but this site tells me it happens a lot

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