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Default Re: Riding in hilly area

Thanks for the reassurance, guys.

I will modify the bike when the time comes and I have some extra cash. Right now I just need it running and usable for a class project (as well as my main transportation to and from campus).

Can you buy different jets for the carb? Or is there modification required? I'm a fuel injected kind of guy (though primitive... 1984 BMW), and my previous 2-strokes I never played with the carbs on them, just as long as they worked (weedwhackers, chainsaws, the "old unstoppable" 1971 Lawn-Boy I use to cut grass at home), and never really worried about performance. Only other carburetors I've messed with were an old 2-barrel from a Ford 302, dual side-drafts for a 1953 Triumph, and an old Rochester Quadra-Jet.

This is mostly a new realm for me, I appreciate the info.
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