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Default Re: first bike fail, new escape plan

Originally Posted by kicking View Post
Is there an light on that bike ? Looks like one in the picture . Im looking for one . Dose it run on the white wire ? is it kinda bright , bright or awsome ? try an fat seat . bigger tires , ---- i offten look down at the rough pavement with jagged rocks sticking out of it too . some rocks are loose and pop up .. i wear goggles .... i wish i would had went with that bike ... my motor would had fit perfectly ,, seems the mounts on most motors had this style in mind ... i will be ok with more modify
the light on the schwinn is a generator light.

The frame needs some modifying on this bike to work well. There is NO spare room in the back for fatter tires. And the motor chain rubs the frame. I got the idler way back and it still rubs. (broke my chain once) I think the rear needs to be bent out at the seat post and then back in a little after it clears the tires.

If I decide to keep this bike motorized I'll probably do that. and put a mountain bike fork on the front. a wider seat and taller handle bars might fix the comfort level. As it is, too much of my weight is on the handles, numbs my fingers.
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