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Default Re: Disabled/Elderly Tricycles, Overland Park KS

I have several nuero-muscular disorders, and Pahr's disorder to complicate it. The statements about local laws regulating use and legality of MB's isn't a MAJOR concern to me. I live in a small town, and I'm on a first name basis with our local cops (WAAAAY too many speeding tickets), so not much I do will surprise them..... as far as the build goes, it's a JesseJames/ WestCoast chopper bicycle, that I'm outfitting with a 5-horse Tecumseh. So far most everything involving the bike is going to be hand-fabbed, no kits. Since I can't operate the pedals, I'm going to hard-mount Footpegs on tubing ran thru the factory crank opening. One of these days I gotta remember to add a kickstand... Oops! (BTW, it's the one in my"avatar" pic)
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