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Originally Posted by OBX Fisherman View Post
I'm running an Avid hand brake on the left for the clutch and small lever in a reverse position for the brake. The middle, ring and little finger actuate the clutch, the thumb the brake, and the index operates the clutch catch (not pictured here, lost it on a ride last week!) The catch would go on the inside of the Avid lever.

Sorry, no hand grips yet, still a work in progress!
I may try an few ways on this , I see I am not the only one who feels strange to the left hand side . (not to be confused with an song lol ) I will try this set up first . I will work on lever ideas that you dont have to remove the grips every time you might have to fool with them too ( another idea for an setup ). The thing about the brake lever on the right throtle side is when I pull on it ,,, my palm wants to roll the throtle ,,, haveing the clutch on the throtle side is even worse .. been there and I changed it to the left .. I still feel like the mountain bike for some reason ,, my bike will go 36 mph strait out the box though ! on an flat surface. but thanks for the reply everybody .... and if you have time post some pictures of your setup fisherman and let me know how you like it ..
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