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Default Re: Disabled/Elderly Tricycles, Overland Park KS

Originally Posted by frostythesnowman View Post
OK I have to chime in on this one. I have been disabled due to spinal/hip disorders, and have to deal with mobility issues every minute of every day. When I was younger and still physically "normal" I loved being on two wheels, whether it was my bicycle or my motorcycle. After my spinal went to pot, I had to sell my cycle because I could not physically hold the bike up, and my legs won't allow the movement to pedal a bicycle. Two years ago my Mom bought me an electric bicycle for Father's Day. It was nice to be able to ride something, but it lacks any real kind of range, and over time, the batteries take less and less of a charge. This is half the reason I'm building my MB. I can hold the weight of my motorized bicycle with out much problem, and the 4-stroke is a reliable engine. My one problem with what Lynn is trying to accomplish here is this: If you're going to build a business, don't do it on the backs of others. You can't expect someone to do all the leg-work for you, so you can be the sole person benefitting from this. If this is really somehting you want, get out there and work for it. You have to create a unique design that's affordable to individuals on a fixed income, and something that has standardized parts for easy mantainance. Also have you thought about the manufacturing process? If it is your dream, accomplish it as such. I hope you do achieve this goal, just DO NOT forget the people who assisted you in achieving it.... Frosty
Good points all. Welcome to the forum, Frosty. What is your build? I also have a disability with partial paralysis affecting mostly my feet and lower legs. Guillane Barre Syndrome. I can still ride a 2 wheeler, but if the disease gets worse am thinking a three wheeler will keep me active. This subject interests me deeply.
Someday when I grow up I will probably lose interest in toys with wheels, but until then...
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