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Default Re: Disabled/Elderly Tricycles, Overland Park KS

Welcome,Lynn.I think you'll find that most of the members agree with you.
I have built Three-wheelers for handicapped people.
If you go to the trike Thread and look at the Morgan posted by BarelyAwake you can see some pics of a three wheeler I started that eventually will be motorized.
Obviously that one isn't for the disabled/elderly.If you look in the background you can see a bright orange three wheeler I built for a customer,in the 4th pic from the left.That sits upright it's not motorized but could be.
it's my oppinion that you should stay away from trikes 1 wheel in front as they have handling issues.
E-mail me and I will show you some of the different three-wheelers I've built.Kip.

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