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Default Re: Disabled/Elderly Tricycles, Overland Park KS

Hi Lynn, & Everyone Else,

I am totally on the same page as you. I feel that electric would probably be more popular, "but" none the less, gas should be pushed equally. I used to ride long distance bicycle between counties, but one day I hurt my knee and it has never been the same. Electric is good, but gas offers range.
I really believe it is a matter of personal need and position in a situation. I put an engine on my bike
so I wouldnt have to give up the long rides of my youth, but found out one day that Indiana may sometime change its laws. I also found out that many states do not allow this type of thing. The
states that do, have all kinds of restrictions on them. Oregon allows them, but not over 35cc. While that would be good for me, it would not work for a 300lb man in that hilly state. Other states do not allow them on roads that have a posted speed limit over 35 mph. While that may be ok for in town riders, it would be of no use to someone that likes to ride between towns. I always hear about safety, but, even if a bicycle had an engine that was, say for example; 80cc, that does not nessecarily mean that the bike would go fast and be a danger to others.... Moreover, depending on the "gearing" an 80cc bicycle could alternately carry a 300lb disabled person up a hill and on a flat at about 15 mph.

Two things come to mind that support the status quo...

1. CULTURE- people are just used to the way things are, and it is possible they may not be as adventurous as we are. Perhaps...

2. Money/Percieved Practicality- These laws are made around a car driving culture, and Purist bicyclists- who dont require an engine to enjoy the sport.
While these laws seem to make sense to the majority, The specifics and alternative perceptions of
motorized bicycles have not been fully, fairly, or adequately explored.
This is just a general summation from the top of my head, and is not nessecarily intended to be
taken for word from word.

I would really like to talk with a group of people who would be interested in aquiring this faction of
freedom. The freedom to build and choose your own grassroots transportation has never belonged
to people universally.

Hope to speak with you more directly at a late time.


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