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Default Re: New guy, new bike, new engine kit

I just finished a cranbrook 66cc build. I ended up drilling through the frame. The engine is quite stable, but it was a pain drilling through the frame. The metal is extremely tough. You would be suprised how flimsy the back wheel is. I replaced mine with a mountain bike rim/freewheel and added rimbrakes. I got those items for $5 dollars at a flea market included with an old defunct mountain bike. I permanently removed all the fenders and chain guard. I didn't want to hassle with them anymore. I replaced the drive chain with regular bike chain to prevent frame and tire chain rub. It's nice to have freewheel and a super easy gear to pedal in. You can install a back rim brake if you install the brake on the inside of the wheel well rather than the outside. Handbrakes are nice anyway. I'd just say take your time and enjoy the build. I tried to rush a few things and it just made the build take more time, though I am really happy with how my cranbrook build turned out. The bike has an extremely solid feel to it and it's a really smooth ride now :-/
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