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Default Re: Help with problems- Leaking A LOT and Aligning sprocket

The chain actually started coming off tonight so I removed the back wheel and tightened the short looking bolts on the sprocket. Then I removed a link and the master link. It's running great again, it seems like my bike is starting to go faster too! The chain is nice and tight now so it stopped coming off. I think the oil mixture is somewhere around 32:1. I don't think the actual sprocket is warped, but the tightness of the sprocket bolts varies and causes the spinning sprocket to appear warped.

Also, my clutch keeps loosening itself to where the bike goes really slow while the lever is in lock position.

The oil probably drips an icecube amount over a 3 day period. It seems like a lot, but I know these engines are cheap anyway. Hey, just our of curiosity, how many miles do you think I could expect to get out of a 66cc 2 stroke engine?
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