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Default Re: Running again, break in/heat question

Originally Posted by jKellym View Post
I'm going to change out the CDI and magneto to see what happens. My last motor quit after 1 1/2 tanks of gas, so this is quite frustrating. Thanks for your help
Easy Kelly...
Don't be going into electrical just yet.

Does the bike pedal fine with the clutch locked in?
If not adjust that first.

As for how hard it is to pedal when you release it, well ya, the motor is engaged but not running.
A new motor and no doubt nice compression right now.
The easy way around that is just a 19 or 20 tooth sprocket on the pedal side for a coaster bike.

Get that worked out first then worry about it firing up as it could be many things and a new Mag and CDI is not where you start bud.
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