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Default Newb in GA

Hello all. I currently attend Georgia Southern in Statesboro, GA. Looking to fix me up a better way to get to class on time! I'm SO tired of having to leave my apartment 30 minutes before class and needing 30 more minutes to walk home. I need to save some time so I can get on home and do homework and other necessary things. You know its bad when you don't have enough time to do laundry except on the weekends! :/

So I'm researching now and trying to get an idea of what exactly I need to buy. Maybe I can pull this thing off this semester but if not I'll be getting it for Christmas (hopefully) because I already know next semester's classes will be about another 10 minutes across campus!

Any suggestions for how I should go about this thing will be welcomed and appreciated! I already have a bike I may be able to use, but its about 3 years old and a little worn in places. Maybe be more worthwhile to buy a new bike and start fresh. In that case, I'd also appreciate any suggestions on what to buy to make a good motorbike out of.

Please help me out! Thanks!
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