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Default Re: Running again, break in/heat question

Thanks Nougat! Unfortunately motors hate me. I got this new motor running last night, but the new fuel line I put on had a slow leak so I had to leave it outside, under the roof. It poured down rain last night, but had stopped when I got up so I got on to start it. It started up 2 times and died and then wouldn't start again. It looks like I might have gotten some water in my air filter. Got home this afternoon, took off the air filter, cleaned the plug and drained the bowl. Still it wouldn't start.

I remounted so the carb was more level and when trying to take the chain off, I couldn't turn the gear with the tool to get the chain off. I don't think there is spark, but I have to put the entire weight of my body into turning the wheel without the clutch in to get the chain to turn so it's hard to tell.

I'm going to change out the CDI and magneto to see what happens. My last motor quit after 1 1/2 tanks of gas, so this is quite frustrating. Thanks for your help

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