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Default Welcome Lance Portnoff to

Hey Lance I wanted to welcome you to

We'd love to hear your story and let us know about your motorized bicycle projects, you should remember that we all appreciate newcomers & innovators / builders.

Please don't take it personally if we are judgmental to your style of builds many of us here have our favorite type of bicycle to motorize & I for one always appreciate your stepping up to the plate as another alternative motorized bicycle builder.

Please be aware of the forums protocol's when sharing information about your builds, here's a Mod's view on posting information related to your builds as long as they are a thread or post of build information.

Quoted from BarelyAWake;

"To clarify a bit when it comes to advertising - the only time the Mod's remove/edit/move advertising threads is if they're not bicycle related or not in 'Swap and Shop' & this is done only to help preserve the integrity of the forum.

Do please feel free to create build threads in the forums related to type of bicycle build style or genre & please do share product threads in 'Swap and Shop', link to those threads in 'Swap and Shop' when someone asks, & even advertise your website by adding a link in your signature, we really appreciate the diversity in products and we in no way wish to curtail this - we're simply trying to keep the forum as unbiased as possible."
Quoted from BarelyAWake aka MOD.

Hope you enjoy our forum!

Peace Crazy Horse.

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