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Default Re: Words of Wisdom: Zapp OWWW!

Originally Posted by Kevlarr View Post
My body must have a high resistance because I used to kill the lawnmower by just grabbing the sparkplug. Goof around with quartz BBQ igniters all the time, I zap myself a few times to show people they don't hurt then when I nail them with it.
I also have a spark igniter for a furnace mounted on a board that I love showing people the spark jumping 2" to my finger.

Haven't yet built up the nerve to try and stall out a car by grabbing the ignition lead but I've seen it done.

ok be careful but buy a disposable camera with a flash use the film.
don't take it back crack it open and take out film, then find large blue Capacitor
and run leads off that are exposed on the outside of the camera some where.
(holding points works but the shutter button is the best)

put it all back together, charge flash, then ask someone to take a pic of you with it.
POW!!!! like getting shocked by a cattle fence!!

i used my brother for many years to check for spark and have had my share
of jolts from plug wires !!
my engine isn't leaking!! it is marking it's territory!!
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