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Default Re: Help with problems- Leaking A LOT and Aligning sprocket

See if your rear sproket is off set to one side- some are dished and if you turn it around on the wheel you can change the offset of the sproket. Another thing you can try is to put washers on the rear axle between the the hub and the drop out. Some hubs have nuts that can be replaced with different thickness nuts to also move the wheel in the desired direction. Of course make sure the sproket is true first and formost!
The fuel could be a stuck tickler button, the little primmer button on the side of stock carbs. I had that happen a couple times or it could be a stuck float, or possibly the float bowl screws have vibrated a little loose? Sounds like a process of elimination but they shouldnt leak and should be an easy fix, its finding the cause.
I've been plauged with flat tires also here in the desert and havent had much luck with just slime filled tubes, although my mountain bike has them. I recently started using tire liners i got on ebay for 17 bucks and so far seem to work great!
Although nothing will help with road debris like this!

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