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Wink Re: clutch and brake lever set up

Originally Posted by BarelyAWake View Post
Tho I use a dual pull lever on the Rollfast, the Schwinn has separate brake levers w/the clutch simply angled down a bit - it's easy & comfy to brake w/one finger w/the clutch held in;

I really like havin' independent brakes in the mud & muck and the ice & snow
more what I was thinking about ! I allways have my hand on the brake just in case a car or deer runs in front of me . Even on an motorcycle I had my foot on the brake at all times , slaming on brakes with the front wheel skiding is worse than the back to me . I went around an curve on my sportster years ago ; and low and behold an tree was down in the road , I went over the handel bars after the skid . The big differance to me is with the four and five speeds and 10s ect. there is no coaster brake as all of us know by now , and Im not going to rely on the coaster to stop me 100% . I had to grind mine to fit the sprocket on my beach bike . I have put grease fitting on my hub . and i pump it until I see greese come out both ends. Im an real worry wort but its nice to take all actions , I feel a little safer . And Im geting an helment too .

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