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Default Re: Words of Wisdom: Zapp OWWW!

Originally Posted by weegenc View Post
I got a keyed kill switch on the way from amazon. Im good at electrical work so my next step is to wire everything through the frame.
I couldn't find any specs on that switch. Through trial and error I found cheap switches will arc or not handle the current at all.

Where do you plan to mount the switch and wire it weegenc?

After weeks of trial and error I found the best way to at least make starting the bike virtually impossible to do without buying a new CDI and not only not cause any electrical problems, actually improve the electrical system.

You should have followed the link I gave you weegenc.

You could have got the whole DIY parts kit from me for about what you paid Amazon for just an iffy switch and no way to mount it.

By epoxying the housing on to the CDI itself, any attempt to break or cut it off destroys the wires to the CDI, and there is no way to hot-wire around it because the switch is right where the blue igntion wire from the motor goes into the CDI itself.

I had to buy enough parts for 50 of everything to get the quality for a reasonable price and tested on 7 of my own bikes so far and they go on everything I build as standard equipment.

Don't get wrong, a good lock is best, but for quick trips and parking at home a keyswitch is all I usually use.
That and un-locking the clutch or course so it's not easy to pedal if you don't know to pull it in.

I haven't had it happen yet, but actually look forward to some kid trying to abscond with my bike by pedaling against and engine that won't start and jogging over and 'dissuading' him from his trying ;-}
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