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Default Re: Words of Wisdom: Zapp OWWW!

Originally Posted by reb1 View Post
Where you lock up your property is as important as what kind of security you use. Highly visible and some kind of lock will keep most wood be thieves away. Use a higher security lock and they may look for an easier target. If they have there heart set on your ride than the best you can hope for is that it takes them long enough for you or someone else to catch them in the act and dissuade them.
I walked out of a WalMart one evening and saw some clown starting to put my ride in his pickup. I dissuaded him with a WalMart shopping cart.
i hope you stuck your fist in his throat too, because that really gets me why people have to steal from others. we take pride in our bikes and to have it violated like that really gets my goat... good for you reb1... wish i was there too help you...

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