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Default Re: Words of Wisdom: Zapp OWWW!

Originally Posted by weegenc View Post
Any security can be defeated but the majority of criminals are the stupid average dee dee dee criminals. The bike chain is cool as **** but cant you make something like that at the home depot? I'm thinking 70 grade with a loop plus a padlock that can't be cut by bolt cutters. To protect from scratching you could make a sleeve from crappy black fabric. I also have a cover over my bike to protect from rain and turning onlookers.
I'm not sure you'll find Manganese steel chain at Home Depot. But I noticed something of concern to me in the description: "•Includes Evolution series 4 Disc Lock with 14mm MAX-Performance steel shackle:" That shackle on the lock, can it stand against a bolt cutter? What kind of steel is the 14mm shackle made of? They don't say. If I can chop the shackle with a bolt cutter (surely they must have thought of this) I will have the bike.

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