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eDJ, I just came in the house and saw your post. I just got e-mail from FedEx claiming they had tried to deliver my ht motor package but "no one was available!" I've been here all day. So I don't think they tried very hard. I was in one of my sheds cobbling up a homemade bicycle work stand. I have the new moon dog suspended from the seat post so I can work on it without having to be a contortionist. I plan to inspect and lube all the bearings, check fasteners, and fabricate better fender brackets. I did find that the front sprocket is slightly warped. I have a trailer full of old bikes that a friend gave me and I might see if there is a better crank set that will fit the bike. Any suggestions will be welcome. As far as the Studebaker, the truck is one of several Studebakers I have. I have not sent a lot of pics on the computer but will try. Let me know if it works. Thanks for the encouragement and I hope I don't tic anybody off for putting an auto pic on a bike forum.
Somebody will have to teach me how to attach a picture to these forums.
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