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Default Running again, break in/heat question

Hey all,

My bike has been out of commission for a while and thanks to Duane at Dax I am running again. I got the new motor on, everything plugged in and started up fine, but I have a couple of concerns.

1: It is much harder to pedal from a start on this motor. I tried adjusting the clutch cable tighter, but then it wouldn't start. Will this go away with time or do I need to open up the gear side cover?

2: After only riding about 8 blocks I parked it to mess with the idle and the engine was already hot enough to burn me. I don't remember my last motor getting that hot that quick. This really worries me, I don't want to blow this engine

3: I have the SBP expansion chamber, ported billet intake and upgraded air filter. I have everything except the SBP pipe hooked up. Should I break the engine in with the stock pipe or expansion chamber?

Thanks in advance

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