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Default Re: Starting a new engine on pure gas

quote from the Aleman: "Have you removed the problem-prone fuel filter on the petcock?

hunh? who has problems with that? i love that thing.

as for the original question, NEVER run your motor on gas only, especially not the first start-up. your motor's been sitting around for a while with no oil in it at all as it made it's way here from china, and to "dry-start" it might just destroy it right off the bat.

i actually dump a capful of oil down the plug hole on all my motors and work the crank before i even install them.

if you're using a cheap oil, start off at 24:1.

pull up the choke lever, push and hold the tickler button for a second, then get on and pedal your butt off. if it's trying to start, keep pedaling till it's actually running.

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