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Default Re: Starting a new engine on pure gas

Don't use straight gas on a 2-stroke, and I wouldn't advise using 92 octane on a stock Chinese 2-stroke, either. They are low-compression engines with no need for high octane. In fact, using 92 octane fuel can make a stock Chinese 2-stroke more difficult to start and can actually reduce the amount of lubricating oil left over after the power stroke.

Things to check:

Did you use the "tickler" on the carb to prime the engine?
Have you removed the problem-prone fuel filter on the petcock?
Is the ignition kill switch hooked up? These can easily short out!
Doublecheck all wiring connections, make sure they are insulated well.

The choke setting on these engines is relatively critical. If the engine won't even "catch" with full/near full choke, then it is possible that the coil or magneto are bad.
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