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Default Re: Hello from Poland.

Originally Posted by Dan View Post
Howdy Swireeq, welcome. What Gator said. (Meaning I agree whole heartedly)

Great looking bike.

No need to worry about your English. Americans for large part only speak one language and appreciate the effort it takes. Just saying no worries mate. Post lots of pics of where you ride.
Thank you very much for nice welcome ;-)

Actually I'm facing a problem with very poor power therefore also low top speed. It seems that I can ride it on flat road up to 30km/h (measured by usual bike speed counter). Any hill is a problem. When I try to ride up any slope it has not enough power, and due to that I need to help it using pedals. I found if I take off the end part of exhaust tube it goes much better. BTW the noise is also awesome, no bike bell needed any more ;-), but police geys are looking on me with strange faces ;/ Top speed increased up to 50km/h on flat. but just going up on a little slope I loose my spped till about 15 - 20 km/h.
My uncle had used some years ago old motorbikes made in CCCP so he told me that problem is with fuel mixture (used 16:1, now switched to 25:1). This change was great the power inceased. We check carburetor settings and found that if e-clip on needle on first position from top it runs best on other engine looks like flooded. But if we ride it with max opened throttle it looks like engine receives too little fuel. For now I use it for some time for getting work and back 15km each way.
I changed mainly thrree things. trow away original spark plug and put NGK the same as movers use. And throw away the tensioner from engines chain and installed tensioner on bike chain. I use bike chain with engine it goes more smothly and less loudly.

Update: I observed that piston is not opening inlet (intake) hole perfectly. It covers 2-3 mm from top.
I'm not quite sure if it is any problem. I did not disasemble the top of engine as I have no spare gaskets for this.

Sorry for very long post. I will update shortly what I have done with it.
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