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Originally Posted by WaterDog View Post
Hows that K&N filter working out for you. That is exactly the style and size i am thinking about for my new build. Any performance difference over the stock filter. Also, do you recall the filter diameter? Is it a 1 inch hole (inside filter hole diameter)?
Performance wise it didnt really make any gr8 diference but it sounds alot throatier.
Yep I got the 25mm filter it cost me $44AUS.
A few tips on fitting
*cut the back of the filter out marginally smaller back of the carb to ensure a good seal still
*Drill 2 4mm holes in line with the existing holes where you bolt the factory one on through the whole filter.
*try to drill the holes through the V in the filter to slide the longer 4mm bolts u will need through without damaging the filter (i used alan key bolts imo they look betta)
*Bore out the back of the filter where it attachs to the carb so the choke nut wont clash
*I drilled a small hole in the bottom where it joins to the carb so the excess fuel can get out
*After you have bolted it on the fxxker is never going to fall off.
Personally I chose not to use the other style filter because I wasnt confident it would stay on that good.

The best mod to do with this little upgrade is to shorten the intake pipe as much as you physically can. I actually also pack welded around the pipe so I could bore the shape of the intake port of the motor as far in as I could before it had to straighten out to slide into the carb (I usd a rubber O-ring to seal er up betta). It is only 30mm long i know but i wanted the best I could do. I actually ended up with something like a welded cast as im pretty sure i dremilled the hole of the 1st half of the pipe out trying to match it up. Also with pack welding it you can virtaully get rid of that angle on the inside of the pipe where it usually kinks down in the standard pipe. If ur interested I can put up a few piccys.

Good luck, Brendan..
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