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Default Re: Plagued by vibrations

Just passing on some things that helped me considerably in building motorized bikes for the last 20 years. These chinese motors are the first 2 stroke bicycle motors I've dealt with. I have always used B & S upright motors on homemade bikes. Lawnmower shops can order 100 inch cables from Rotary Corp. These are required on some stretch frames or rear drum brakes and ape hanger bars. You just cut it to length and use a set screw barrell fitting on the cut end (sometimes referred to as a cable stop). Moped front drum brakes are a nice addition to a motor bicycle and lace up easily. You have to watch out as many are 28 spokes. I often use a moped telescoping front fork to soften the ride. A little experimenting with different bearings and cups will allow it to fit a bicycle frame. There's plenty of room for a 26" wheel if you put a small limiting slug inside the top tree. It nets about 1' to 1 1/2" travel and some models look really cool. Mounting a fender can be a bit challenging. I'll post more suggestions as I think of them. It's the least I can do for all the help I'm getting from this forum.
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