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Default Re: First build in progress!

My rims are rounded and have no braking surface.

My 415 is nice and tight, but I need a halflink for the pedal chain. [ thinking more about it, I've never been a fan of half links, and the larger pedal sprocket may be the way to go...]

The paint on the muffler is coming off a little. It's not very heavy duty.

I soldered up the kill switch to the blue wires. Works awesome.
I no longer have a fuel leak. Put In a new main jet, drilled he balls out of th aircleaner. I'll get a new one soon.

I was modding my muffler but now I have a bad exhauset leak, I'm kinda bummed out about it. Not a big deal though.

I'm out of town till monday or Tuesday, so I can't work on it or ride it till then, and the exhauset leak is gonna bother me the whole time.

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