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Default Re: Painting a brand new bike - quick question

Try a heat gun to remove the decals. They are usually the stick on type, not the water applied ones like model airplanes and cars use. Heat will loosen and soften the mylar and allow for easy removal. Often they will just peel off leaving no sticky residue. If any sticky stuff stays it can be removed with 3M adhesive remover, available at most hardware stores.
As for surface prep after removing the decals; start with 380 grit sand paper, wet, and move down to 400. Use a primer compatible with the color coat and sand it after drying, also with 400. A decent paint job is possible with rattle cans but follow the can instructions as far as temperature/humidity and spraying distance. Send us some photos of your finished product.

Ooops, just realized how old this thread is. You have to wonder if the OP ever painted his bike.
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