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Default Re: First build in progress!

I had a bunch of problems with (of course) the cheap kill switch. It worked when it wasn't supposed to, and vice versa. I rode around without one for a bit, but. It was such a pain to choke out the engine or stall it out.

So, I got a simple on-off toggle switch and mounted it on the seatpost with a hoseclamp for now. But it still only kindof works. I think I'm going to rewire it so that the white wire is capped ( will go to lights in the future) and the killswitch connects to the blue. That way when it's close, all the power is rerouted away from the plug, instead of having the CDI fight with the ground. Does that make sense? Any input? Also, couldn't you connect the white wire to the blue CDI lead? Wouldn't that give it more power to build up a spark?

I think I cut my old bike chain too short when I shortened it. But there was a new one on the way, so it was ok. The 415 chan was way to loose, so I tool off the pedal chain and moved the wheel back till it was snug. The new bike chain I got was a SRAM and I don't recommend it. I'd go with a KMC next time. The SRAM is narrow and and more flexable. And it comes with a 'snaplock' which is like a master link without the clip. (I used my old master) the pedal chain is still too loose, which is very problematic when running only coaster brakes ( highly NOT recommended ). I slipped the chain and had to pull a flintstones stop.

I don't have a special magc 13mm cone wrench to tighten the the locknut on the rear axle... Sometimes during really hard breaking it'll slip. The pedals push around forward and then I have side to side play on the wheel. I have to loosen, readjust, and retighten everything. Pain in the ass. I want to get a HD rear wheel. I think it's from spookytooth, with the built in sprocket and band brakes. Looks awesome.

So, anyway... I'm not even halfway through the first gallon...

More mods tomorrow. And photos. And maybe some videos. ( I mounted my camera to the bike. )
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