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Default re: Pittsburgh Stolen Schwinn Collegiate (recovered!) - Help from Pee-wee Herman

Growing up my brother and I had several bicycles stolen. We also had several serious incidents that could of turned deadly if it had not been for good neighbors. The incident I remember the most was of a less troubling nature. We had made a trip to the market one morning and when we arrived home the back door was open. My dad looked worried and motioned for us to stay back. He carefully walked in to find a man sitting at our table eating some food he'd grabbed out of our kitchen. What was really strange was our dog who weeks earlier had torn up an attacker was sitting next to him like he was his best friend. At this point my dad just laughs and says if the dog thinks this is ok than who am I to judge. Dad surprised us and did not call the police. Instead he sent us to see a neighbor for help who spoke the mans language. I miss those days. My parents did not fear letting us pedal around and have fun. Interaction with the police was not always a bad thing.

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