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Default Re: take a tip...leave a tip

to clean your tank if new and if used make sure its emptenty and buy a box of bb's or pellets or lead or steel shot washer etc. something metalic easy in to be easy out pour into tank. Shake the tank with the cap on and fueline plugged until your arms feel like they are going to fall off.or the redneck way I do not recommend this way warp it in towels and throw it in the dryer this is a good way to see God because if you've ever had gas in there you and eveyone there will see him or the other guy.BOOOOOM!
Now that we are tired of shaking the tank rince it with warm soapy water and rince with clean water then get a bottle of heat and rince the tank with it . You should be good to go rust should be mostly gone you could spary B-12 carb cleaner in there or wd-40 until your ready to put in fuel and please use an inline fuel filter.