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Default Re: Anyone lose a motorized bicycle in Bozeman?

i was just imagining some old lady peeking out her window and seeing this menacing looking motorized bicycle locked up to the "no parking" sign across the street. she paces back and forth, wringing her hands, then finally, she grabs the phone book from her kitchen drawer, and finds a lawyer who specializes in threats from inanimate objects...

she hesitates, then calls, and a gruff voice answers, "Hello, Bozeman and Bozeman criminal law... what's that? a bicycle with a motor is threatening you? we'll have one of our representatives there within the hour..."

after the initial case analysis is done, the lawyer, being a smart guy, decides that the best way to investigate is to do what everyone does. search the internet, of course.

and because of his "never back down" attitude, some poor motorized bicycle is gonna have to pay 2.2 million dollars for just being in the wrong place at the wrong time...
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