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Default Re: sprocketless design

Originally Posted by Tad Bit Tipsy View Post
Here's an idea,
A rear mounted shaft drive with geared wheel. Point the shaft straight up, lol, and use the pedal shaft as a jackshaft to run to the left side. Dang, sounds like I writing a porno script. Modify a G4 so the pedal shaft runs through the 100t sprocket underneath the engine. Belts n Shafts!
You could use a left side belt for pedal drive, or maybe a friction roller that engages/disengages.
I'd have to take a closer look at how these new shaft drives mount to the rear part of the frame, but I'm sure with a little modification it would work.
Any suggestions?
Jeez. Belts, teeth, well-lubed shafts, and "modification". Excuse me for a while. I have to go talk to my wife about something. I may be back later.

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