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Default Re: check this bike out!!!!!!!

Originally Posted by Allen_Wrench View Post
Some father's son was the envy of every other kid on the block back in his day. He was probably going everywhere he could on that thing. And gas was probably cheap enough at the time that he could afford it on his allowance alone.
Yes, the envy of the neighborhood. No gas wasn't really that inexpensive back then compared to the salary people made. In fact to me comparing money earned to money spent on gas, gas is cheaper today. Back then a hours worth of work could get you roughly 4 gallons of times a little more. Today to buy that same 4 gallons takes me when working 15 minutes, most people around 30 to 40 minutes. Although years ago we had deposit pop/soda/coke bottles, we could on a good day collect 10 to 20 (from the road side) and be able to buy a gal+ of gas. Bottles small $0.02 large $0.05.

Gentlemen......I have to say...I and those at my age have lived in the BEST of times.
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