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Default Re: Quiet Needed!! Loud expansion chamber PIPE

Originally Posted by bamabikeguy View Post
Query: (probly dum)

Isn't that stuff Tom Silva, on "This Old House", sprays in the walls, expansion foam, good to a certain high degree of temperature?

If somebody near a home center checked the label, twould seem a sleeve could be fashioned, then filled with the stuff, for severe dampening effect.
Maybe encase the whole pipe in the stuff! It could handle the temp at the end of the pipe (but not near the head), but I think it's too "solid" to calm exhaust pulses and gas flow. Steel wool/mesh screen works OK in a traditional silencer, but doesn't cut the .22 effect all the way down. The beauty of my strap on is that it is after the regular silencer, much more quiet AND I can simply take it off for "racing".
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