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Default Re: Snapped Rear Mounting Studs (3rd time!)

Most common reasons for studs to break are..

Cheap Chinese studs... I change out ALL to grade 8.8 About the same as US grade 5.
Incorrect mounting...mounts to both seat tube and down tube. Need as close to perfect fit.
I use RED locktite on all studs (if removal is desired heat is needed).
Proper torque 6mm 50-70 INCH pounds... 8mm 150-204 INCH pounds (I use 50 and 150)
I double nut with a nylock nut as the second one.
Here are some pictures of my mountings, I have never had a nut or stud, come loose, break or strip out.

Proper mounting...

I make these shims in order to get the proper torque. The nuts are too close to the clamp for a proper socket fit. I don't have a nylock nut on this illustration.

I make this "L" bracket to eliminate engine twist due to engine torque. This way I don't have to over tighten mount nuts.

Almost every bike frame needs a custom made front mount. The proper angle for the optimum mounting is 75 degrees.
..........A bought mount can be had
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