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Default Re: sprocketless design

Originally Posted by David D. View Post
Hi everyone, just wanted to say hi, and i am from central cal. . . trying to learn a little about these things. built my first bike last week, a schwinn jaguar and china 2 about a hundred miles on it now and i love it. . seems everywhere i go i end up explaining to strangers what it is, where it came from , ect... ordered an engine kit yesterday for my next one seems alot of people want to buy mine. . and i am wanting someone else to ride with. got an older cruiser frame laying around so there it is. . . i got it bad
Howdy David, welcome. Cracked me up. Yup, ya need 3 MBs. One your ridding. One your building and one your planing.

Looking forward to seein' your build pics. Lots of motorized bicycle folks out your way.

Again welcome to the crazy. (hay, beats golf, snork)
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