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Default I need some help

hello, I bought an "80cc Silver Flying Horse" (66cc) kit from about three months ago. So far i have had a few problems with it in regard to the fuel economy. it was advertized that I would get 100-150 miles to the gallon and Im not. Im only getting 30 miles to the gallon. I know that the fuel is running rich through the carbeurator into the engine and i also know that the weight of myself (about 240 lbs) play a big factor into it. is there anything I can do to boost the fuel economy? Also I wanted to upgrade my carbeurator to a "high performance CNS Carbeurator" and get some aftermarket parts and stuff for the thing. I could use some help picking out some things for it. currently im running the stock everything. basically you can run through the list at the website and thats what I have, so any kind of positive feedback would be appreciated in this matter. thanks very much.
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