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Default New Schwinn Delmar Cruiser Build - First Timer

First, thanks so much for your all your expertise on this forum!! Ok, my first build needed to be under $250 just to get my feet wet. So, I went with a 66cc Zoom Bicycles Slant motor and a Schwinn Delmar cruiser. I was torn between the Huffy Cranbrook or the Schwinn Delmar until I went to the Walmart and actually looked at both. The Schwinn Delmar looks more classic (and includes a rear rack) and seems about the same quality (not great, but could be worse). The Delmar is also a few inches longer (looks better, feels better). If you are over about 5'10", don't even consider the Cranbrook because you will look and feel like you are on a childs bike. Plus the Cranbrook has handle bars that are uncomfortablely angled. The Cranbrook is only $75 assembled and the Delmar $119 assembled. However, if you order online, the Delmar is only $99 delivered to the store. So, that a small price to pay for styling and comfort.

I don't particularly like the electric blue of the Delmar, well at least not with all the logos EVERYWHERE (frame, chain guard, forks, etc). So I will repaint the entire bike. I am planning a completely black bike with maybe red fenders. Another good thing about ordering online is that it comes unassembled, so painting is much easier. I will post pictures along the way so other people can see the process.

** First question:** What paint should be used for the frame, handlebars, chain guards, etc? I am planning on using spray paint and applying several light coats. Then finish with a gloss. Is there a recommended brand or type of paint and should I use a primer? I want to make sure the logos don't show through as raised areas.
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