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A couple of weeks ago, I was in my shed replacing the front brakes on my old '55 Studebaker truck and nearly stumbled over an old homelite chainsaw I havenít used in years. So, I picked it up and placed it under one of my bicycles that I havenít ridden much lately. As I was repacking the grease in the old pickup's wheel bearings, my mind wandered back about 40 years to Vietnam and all those motorized bicycles (among other things) I saw over there. Then I thought, "why not cobble the old chainsaw engine on one of my old bicycles?" After giving it some serious thought, I decided to look on eBay and see if anyone was selling one of the old vintage friction drive motors like the ones I had seen in Vietnam. Wow! I couldn't believe all that was being offered. So, then I began to read, google, etc. That's how I found this forum. Finally, I decided the chainsaw would still be a better "chainsaw" than a bike engine. Today I found a New Moon Dog bike at wal-mart that was missing a seat post. After talking to the manager, I bought the bike for $60 bucks. 5 minutes after I got home, I yanked a seat post from an old junk bike I have and was pedaling around the yard on a bike much like the ones from my youth, 'cept this one has gears and cable brakes! My HT kit should arrive tomorrow! So, in a few days, Grandpa has discovered another way to embarrass Grandma! Let the fun begin
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