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Default Re: Snapped Rear Mounting Studs (3rd time!)

Originally Posted by mapbike View Post
motorizedmatt, you are doing what I was going to post before I saw that you already had the idea, and YES over tightening those studs can stress them to the point that the added pressure from the vibration can cause them to break, what I do is make my studs long enough so that I can just torque them down good and snug and then I give-em just a little tweak past that point and then with the added length I install another nut against the first one as a jam nut which will ensure that nothing comes lose you just need 2 10mm wrenches to get them tightened down against each other, and I highly recommend you use BLUE Loctite on the studs as well, I also had studs breaking and also falling out on me until I started doing what I just described and I have never had another problem since and I have almost 800 miles on one bike and 66 miles on another I just built have not even had to retighten one bolt or nut on the new one yet because of how I secure everything from the get go.
Good luck on resolving this issue and happy safe riding.
I use nyloc nut's where ever there isn't a heat source,Also try green lock-tite on all assembled threaded connections.chain guard,fender braces,crank arm nuts,ect ect.Kip.
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