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Default Re: Golden Motor electric owner from Tucson, AZ

I know I'm not the one you were asking, but I'll put in my two cents worth anyway. I didn't notice any particular difference. I guess it is comparable to front wheel drive vs rear wheel drive cars. With the hub motor he front end is heavier, but with batteries on the rack the whole bike was heavy. Once moving it was good. With lighter batteries, you'd probably like it fine. At one time I had both the Golden pancake hub motor up front plus a Bikebug gas friction drive motor driving the same wheel. Most of the time I was using gas, but electric alone starting out and both when it came to inclines. It was nice except for the weight of the batteries and the placement of them too high up. Along with two hundred pounds of circus bear on the seat it was one heavy rig going down the road and on a 1934 Elgin it was different all right... ha! I think the concept was fine. With light batteries, the hybrid setup gave a whole lot of range and had the potential for a regenerative setup so the batteries could be recharging while under gas power. The little bikebug motor was just 26cc, adequate for flats, but wimpy on hills. Light batteries open up a lot of possibilities.
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