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Default Re: Too Big part 2... thats what she said...

I went ahead and ordered a light. $6.99 shipping by FedEx. The trip was OK though since I wanted one of the 8 ton bottle jacks and picked up some other stuff like cut off wheels for the dremel. I also wanted to look at one of the Greyhound motors, but all I got to see was a cardboard box with one inside it. Mildly interesting, but not any better than a picture on the internet. I have a question. It was on sale for $79.99 IF you are a member of their savings club (something like that) which costs $30.00 a year. I saw other things with a special price for members of the savings club. Is that always the case with the HF motors when they come on sale? Do you need to be a card carrying member? If I had a Harbor Freight near me it would be one thing, but driving 200 miles total to buy hardware is something else. You guys who live near one are lucky. On the other hand living where I do has its advantages, too. Last evening I watched the sun go down from the middle of the lake where my neighbor and I were fishing for Walleye. In the balance of things I'll take the forest life. Maybe it's good that HF is a hundred miles away...
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