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Default Re: Golden Motor electric owner from Tucson, AZ

Thanks for the welcome, SB,

I forgot to mention that I have a lithium-ion battery pack that only weighs about 7 pounds. It's on a rack in the back which balances the similar weight of the motor on the front wheel (although that's unsprung being the hub and all.) I almost bought lead-acid at first for the cost savings, but a problem with the first wheel he gave me caused a delay when I decided to spring for the extra $350 for Li-Ion. Now I just discovered that the replacement pack I got for my original battery is a 16Amp-Hour pack. It's a pound or two heavier than the 12Amp-Hour original, but should offer several more extra miles. It also has a carrying handle and slides onto a rack and locks in place with the ignition switch - very convenient. I don't think I'll ever consider lead-acid again. Years earlier, I also considered installing a gas motor, but my internal gear hub is too big to accept the drive gear. I'm glad that didn't happen either because I LOVE the quiet operation of the hub motor.

So anyway, on to the topic forum to see what's shakin' in the world of motorized bikes.

BTW, I fully agree with your signature line.

Peter Pan
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