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Default Re: Something new and kinda sorta 100 years old looking

The reason the so called "Hoot" gear box is getting a bad rap is the chains(dual) inside are substandard and will stretch or break. I took mine apart immediately and replaced the chains with heavy duty ones. They are the #25 chains. They will stretch over time, but either replace them or get a half link. Keep them lube'd and sealed and it will be fine. I like them cause of the torque, the G4 belt just doesn't pull hard enough for my large frame(me not the bike). I had a lot of experience with these on pocket bikes, etc. So it was easy for me to deal with, others might not be so hip to deal with these small problems, but then again, any gear box will have its problems. Here's a link to an electric scooter company that has chains including links that are heavy duty.
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