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Default Re: Golden Motor electric owner from Tucson, AZ

Welcome to the forum,. Petearev. I have an older version of the same Golden Motor, same 36V controller. At the time I have it sitting on a shelf as I am so busy with gas motor bikes, but a day will come when it will be powering a bike again. At the time I shelved it I had it powering a 1934 Elgin step through and became disillusioned with the weight of the lead acid batteries on the rear rack... very heavy and it made the bike feel unstable. If I were to use it again on another bike I think I would set it up so the batteries were located off the bike in a kiddie trailer. I've also considered using it as the pusher wheel on a sidecar, keeping all the weight of the wheel and batteries off of the bike. I don't have the kind of money it takes for the light weight newer generation batteries.
Lots of good folks here to share with.
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