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Default Re: Who else always pedals?

Originally Posted by huckersteve View Post
Other than from a dead stop, or up a vicious hill that the motor is having trouble with, pedaling a motor bicycle is ludicrous. LUDICROUS
I thought about this comment, and I think that it depends on your perspective.

If you really like and want a motorcycle, then you can think of a motorized bicycle as a small light-weight under-powered motorcycle. If you think of yourself as riding a motorcycle, then yes, perhaps pedaling is ludicrous.

But I have never had any interest in motorcycles. Instead, I have always loved bicycles and loved riding them. I am a bicycle fanatic. I love pedaling and the feeling of doing something active and physical - it is fun and exciting. Pedaling just seems right because thatís what bike riders do. But now that I am 67 years old I tire more quickly, I canít go as fast or as far as I used to, and I need a little help to keep the experience fun and exciting.

Now when I ride my motorized bicycle, I can ride faster and further than I ever could even when I was at my peak. I can fantasize that I am a very powerful rider on a very fast bicycle who can race past the strongest young riders at will and climb any hill no matter how long or steep withut difficulty. That keeps my rides fun and exciting.
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